1.5.7 Wonderland

Full retail content with Homestead

PvP Exclusive

Full PvP ready server with retail gears

Custom Content

Fashion, mounts, flyers, events & more


About Raid Perfect World

Experience complete Wonderland expansion on Raid Perfect World. Player vs Player with retail gears, balanced classes, Territory Wars, Nation Wars & more!

Customize your characters with custom fashion, travel on exotic mounts, flyers, enjoy custom events & much more!

Download Raid Perfect World Client

Google Drive

  Part 1(Installer)   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

Torrent Download

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NOTE:Please Download all the Parts in the same location and run the Part1.exe and install in default directory. While installing client if its blocked by Smart Screen, please select "Run Anyway" Option.

Upcoming Patch

Countdown until patch v9

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Raid Perfect World Item Database

Yes! We have the our very own Perfect World Item Database!

Visit Raid Perfect World Item Database